Where is the mic on iphone 11?

Where Is The Microphone On Iphone 12?

Today, we will dive into the world of iPhone 12, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max, and 12 Mini to explore one essential component: The microphone. If you own one of these, you might wonder: Where is the microphone on iPhone 12?

Whether you’re recording stunning 4K videos, engaging in crystal-clear FaceTime calls, or simply having a conversation through the ear speaker, the microphones play a pivotal role in ensuring your iPhone functions as the powerful communication tool it is designed to be. 

In this article, we’ll guide you through the exact locations of the microphones on the iPhone 12 series and explore the reasons why they are strategically placed. So, let’s find out where the microphone on iPhone 12, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max, and 12 Mini is hidden and unlock the wonders of their impeccable audio capabilities.

Overview of iPhone 12 Microphone Placement

The iPhone 12 features a well-designed microphone system, strategically placed for optimal audio capture. It has three microphones: one at the bottom, another near the front camera, and the third on the rear. This arrangement ensures clear voice pickup during calls and enhances audio recording quality.

The bottom microphone primarily handles voice during calls, while the front one aids in noise cancellation and FaceTime calls. The rear microphone, near the camera, is crucial for video recording, and capturing ambient sounds effectively. This placement improves overall sound quality in different scenarios.

Types of Microphones in iPhone 12

Types of Microphones in iPhone 12

The iPhone 12 features several types of microphones designed to enhance audio quality for various functions. These include a bottom microphone primarily used for voice calls and voice recordings, and a front microphone integrated near the top speaker. This front mic assists in noise cancellation and improves sound clarity during video recording or FaceTime calls. 

A common question is, Where is the microphone on iPhone 12? The answer lies in its clever design. The primary microphone is located at the bottom edge of the phone, easily spotted when the device is held upright. This strategic placement allows for clear voice pickup during calls.

Primary Microphone Location on iPhone 12

The iPhone 12 features a primary microphone located at the bottom edge of the phone. This strategic placement is near the Lightning port, optimized for clear voice capture during calls and voice recordings. The microphone’s position ensures that it picks up the user’s voice effectively, minimizing background noise and enhancing overall audio quality. 

This location is ideal for use during speakerphone calls or when utilizing voice commands with Siri. The bottom-edge placement helps reduce the interference from hand grips and allows for an unobstructed sound path, contributing to the device’s high-quality sound performance.

Secondary Microphone Features on iPhone 12

The iPhone 12 features a primary microphone located at the bottom of the device. This strategic placement is near the charging port, optimizing voice clarity during calls or voice recording. It’s designed to capture sound directly from the user, minimizing background noise for clear audio transmission.

This primary microphone plays a key role in Siri’s voice recognition and noise cancellation during phone calls. It ensures that Siri accurately understands voice commands and provides a seamless user experience. Additionally, its location aids in effective noise suppression, enhancing call quality even in noisy environments.

Tertiary Microphone and Its Functions in iPhone 12

The iPhone 12 features a tertiary microphone, an innovative addition to its audio system. This third microphone is strategically placed to enhance the device’s audio input capabilities. It primarily focuses on noise cancellation, ensuring clearer voice recordings and calls, even in noisy environments. 

In video recordings, this microphone plays a crucial role. It helps in isolating the subject’s voice from background noise, resulting in crisper and more focused audio. For users who frequently use voice-to-text features or Siri, the tertiary microphone offers improved voice recognition accuracy.

Importance of Microphone Placement for Audio Quality in iPhone 12

Importance of Microphone Placement for Audio Quality in iPhone 12

Microphone placement plays a crucial role in ensuring high-quality audio in the iPhone 12. The strategic positioning of microphones helps capture clear and crisp sound, minimizing background noise. This design consideration is essential for phone calls, video recordings, and voice command responsiveness. Proper microphone placement enhances the overall user experience by ensuring that the audio input is as clear as the device’s output capabilities.

In the iPhone 12, Apple has optimized microphone placement to suit a variety of scenarios. Whether it’s speaking to Siri, recording a video, or having a conversation, the microphones are positioned to offer the best sound quality. This attention to detail reflects Apple’s commitment to providing a seamless and high-quality experience in all aspects of their devices, including audio performance.

ActivityRecommended Microphone PlacementReason
Voice CallsClose to mouth, but not directly in frontReduces background noise, enhances clarity
Video RecordingSteady, unobstructed positionEnsures consistent audio capture
Voice Commands (e.g., Siri)Direct line of sight, arm’s lengthImproves voice recognition accuracy
Music or Sound RecordingIn a quiet room, phone stationaryMinimizes external noise interference
Speakerphone UsageOn a flat surface, away from other objectsAllows for even sound distribution

Troubleshooting Common Microphone Issues in iPhone 12

Troubleshooting common microphone issues in the iPhone 12 can often be resolved with a few simple steps. First, ensure your phone’s software is updated to the latest version. This can fix many bugs and compatibility issues. Next, check the microphone’s hardware. Ensure there’s no debris or blockage in the microphone holes.

If the problem persists, try resetting your iPhone’s settings. This won’t erase your data but will reset system settings to their defaults, which can sometimes resolve microphone issues. If none of these steps work, it might be a hardware issue, and contacting Apple Support or visiting an Apple Store may be necessary.

Tips for Optimizing Microphone Usage on iPhone 12

When optimizing microphone usage on the iPhone 12, start by ensuring the device’s software is up-to-date, as newer updates often enhance audio capabilities. Regularly clean the microphone ports to remove any dust or debris that could hinder sound quality. Also, adjust the microphone settings in specific apps to suit your needs, ensuring optimal performance.

In noisy environments, use noise cancellation features to improve clarity. When recording or speaking, hold the iPhone at a consistent distance from your mouth to maintain steady audio levels. Lastly, consider using external microphones or headphones with built-in mics for superior sound quality in professional settings or important calls.


Where Is The Microphone On iPhone 12?

The microphone on the iPhone 12 is located at the bottom edge, next to the charging port.

Can I Adjust Microphone Sensitivity On iPhone 12?

Yes, microphone sensitivity can be adjusted in the settings under ‘Sounds & Haptics’ for specific apps.

Is It Possible To Clean The iPhone 12 Microphone?

Yes, you can gently clean the iPhone 12 microphone using a soft, dry, lint-free cloth.

Does iPhone 12 Have Noise Cancellation For The Microphone?

Yes, the iPhone 12 features noise cancellation to enhance voice clarity during calls.

Can External Microphones Be Used With iPhone 12?

Absolutely, external microphones can be connected to the iPhone 12 for improved audio quality.


The iPhone 12 features its primary microphone at the bottom edge near the charging port. This placement is strategic for capturing clear audio during calls and voice recordings. Knowing this location helps users to avoid covering the microphone accidentally, especially during phone calls or audio recordings.

Enhancing the overall audio experience, the iPhone 12 also supports the use of external microphones. This is particularly beneficial for professional recordings or in environments where the built-in microphone may not suffice. Regular cleaning and proper usage of the microphone ensure the best audio quality for iPhone 12 users.

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